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When water damage has occurred in your home or business, the high levels of humidity can invite mold, mildew and bacteria to dwell in your basement. Moisture also makes quick work out of insulation -- rendering your fiberglass batts or cellulose ineffective. Because of the water, metals present in your basement could start to rust and the wood can begin to rot. If you see mold stains on the walls or smell unpleasant musty odors, this is a key warning sign that you should have your home's humidity levels checked.

In order to solve these problems, it's important that we make sure your home or business's air quality is just the right amount of dry. Dehumidifiers keep dry air circulating throughout your basement, so you'll never have to worry about humid air or unpleasant odors again. The dehumidifier is also responsible for giving you that clean home feeling. When you get your dehumidification system installed, you'll also receive a full written warranty.

Avoid placing your dehumidifier near a radiator and don't place it in a corner of the room, as this can reduce its efficiency. Don't forget to periodically check your dehumidifier, as it can collect as much as 2 full containers of water per day. Once your humidity levels fall, you won't have to empty it often.

Here at Ram Jack USA Waterproofing, we only use dehumidifiers that self-drain into the sump pump system. There are plenty of benefits from this, one of them being the improvement of air circulation in the basement. Homes breathe from the ground up, so the air inside of your home will be much cleaner because of the dehumidification in the basement. Installing powerful and energy-efficient dehumidification systems will ensure a clean and dry basement.

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