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When it comes to keeping your basement clean and dry, there's nothing better than a full-perimeter drainage system to keep water at bay. While there are a lot of drainage systems available on the market, not all of them will be reliable--especially when you need them the most. When water is entering your basement or crawl space, you need a drainage system that's durable and effective.

However, GrateDrain™ doesn’t only help by leading water away from your home—it also helps your basement and crawl space can completely avoid humidity, mold and mildew. GrateDrain™ enables you to use your basement for storage, or to convert it into an extra room for your home.

So when you need the best drain system available today, you should look for both quality and durability, which GrateDrain™ has. GrateDrain™ is unique from all the rest, because it’s only GrateDrain™ that has key features that ensure an outmatched performance than any other drainage system in the industry.

Why GrateDrain™?

GrateDrain™ is a dual chamber system that's specially designed to accept ground water better than any other drainage pipe on the market. It's placed underneath the floor, in front of the footer. With its large dual chambers, GrateDrain™ leads ground water from beneath the basement floor and the wall, or to the footing joint of the sump liner.

GrateDrain™ is also a versatile product, as it can fit into basements, no matter what size they are.

The GrateDrain™ is custom-built for each basement that it inhabits, and it isolates iron bacteria colonies to prevent cross-contamination. Best of all, it has panels and covers that are easily reached for system flush.

When you have GrateDrain™ installed in your home, then keeping your basement high and dry will be a breeze.

When You Need Results

We here at Ram Jack North Carolina will be glad to install the GrateDrain™ system in your home. We offer all sorts of effective basement waterproofing products and drainage systems that will keep your home high and dry. Aside from that, we also offer various services such as commercial structural support, foundation repair, and we can get you some sump pumps, among others. We sell products and services to those in the eastern part of North Carolina, so be sure to call us at 919-289-8535 today. Feel free to visit our contact Ram Jack North Carolina page if you have any other questions or concerns.

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