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Crawl Space Waterproofing in North Carolina

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Creatures like insects, rodents, and mold all have one thing in common: they thrive best in moist, dark spaces -- and the best example of that is your crawl space. When you allow moisture to gather in your crawl space, you're giving mold and mildew the opportunity to grow. The accumulated water can also damage your home's foundation and structure, further decreasing your home's property value.

Water In the Crawl Space

It is best to have your crawl space waterproofed using the most high quality, top-rated products combined with professional techniques to permanently reduce moisture and groundwater presence. As long as your crawl space is not waterproofed, it is vulnerable to surface water.

Some tools that can come in handy for the job includes a vapor barrier and a reliable sump pump system combined with a strong encapsulation system. When all of these parts work together, you can remove moisture and prevent it from ever entering your crawl space again.

We have the handy GrateSump™ Sump Pump System, fully equipped with a sump pump and liner, floor drain, and alarm. It can also come with an additional battery backup system so if your electricity happens to go out, your crawl space will still be kept clean and dry.

GrateSump™'s airtight lid keeps the liner from moving around and the alarm will updated you if any water reaches the sump pump system. From there, the floor drain will take care of the rest.

When having a liner just isn't enough, crawl spaces can remain damp for months before the homeowner ever notices. But when you have the GrateSump™ Sump Pump installed, you won't have to worry about your crawl space any longer. This sump pump system is also compatible with the CrawlShield™ Encapsulation System.

Crawl Space Drainage Systems

Drainage systems protect your crawl space and make sure that all water or moisture stay away from your property. The drainage systems direct any water towards a GrateSump™ liner and sump pump system to suck up the water from your crawl space.

Other options for crawl space installation includes crawl space vent covers, DimpleShield™ drainage matting, and the CrawlShield™ encapsulation system. We also have the crawl space dehumidification system available, so whether you are aware of it or not, your crawl space is working hard to stay dry.

Protect Your Crawl Space

When you choose Ram Jack North Carolina, we'll do our best to make sure your crawl space worries are a thing of the past. We sell only high-quality products that won't fail you when you need them most. We also offer other services such as dehumidification, and we can also install sump pumps, vapor barriers and drainage systems that will give you the utmost protection you've always wanted! We sell products and services to the eastern area of North Carolina, so be sure to call us at 919-289-8535 today. Also feel free to visit our contact Ram Jack North Carolina page if you have any other questions or concerns.

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