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What Causes Crawl Space Problems in Eastern North Carolina


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Moisture is one of the biggest problems your crawl space will ever endure. When your crawl space is exposed to standing water, or isn't properly waterproofed, then you could end up having to deal with a myriad of problems.

Insects, rodents and mold thrive best in dark, wet spaces. A perfect example of this is your home's crawl space. Any moisture that accumulates in your crawl space also invites mildew and mold to grow, and over time, water can damage the integrity of your home's foundation and structure. Given enough time, it can also decrease your home's property value.

The Cause of Crawl Space Problems

Having an Open Crawl Space Vent - when your crawl space is vented to the outdoors, it often lets in moisture which is perfect for mold, but not for your home. It can even cause wood rot, dust mites and mildew. Not to mention, having your crawl space vented can increase your energy bill by 20%.

Dirt in your Crawl Space - If there's any exposed dirt in your crawl space, the dirt absorbs the moisture that comes with having an open crawl space vent. When the damp soil dries, it rises through your entire home. This changes the humidity in your home and is a big factor when getting high energy bills.

The Elements - Rainy and humid summers can take a lot out of your crawl space. If you haven't sealed any crawl space leaks, the water that's trapped there will evaporate and make its way through your home, allowing the moisture to ruin your insulation and create the perfect environment for mold.

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