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Crawl Space Vapor Barrier Installations in North Carolina

Crawl Space Vapor Barrier Installation in Jacksonville, Raleigh, Greensboro & Durham, NC


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Vapor barriers are installed to prevent and resist moisture from coming through the wall, floor, and ceilings. Its most common form is in a plastic or foil sheet. The vapor barrier creates one more layer of protection between the building and the outside weather, making it one of the most energy-saving techniques you can use to lower heating bills. It will also ensure that your home is both comfortable and energy-efficient at all times.

If you find that your home has difficulty keeping cool during the summer or warm during winter, then you may need to get a vapor barrier installed. However, before getting a vapor barrier installed, you have to make sure that your crawl space is completely clean and free from rodents or fungi. If you get your vapor barrier installed before checking, these creatures may destroy your vapor barrier's seal, wasting your efforts.

The main goal of the vapor barrier is to prolong the life of your crawl space by reducing the temperature and limiting humidity from entering. After a successful vapor barrier installation, fungi and wood-loving insects such as termites will no longer appear and the air quality in your home will improve.

Of all the vapor barrier installations you can get, we most recommend the CrawlShield™ Encapsulation System for your dirt crawl space. This takes less than a day to install and leaves your home perfectly protected against moisture.

CrawlShield™ Advantages

  • Quick, clean installation
  • No mold or mildew
  • Patented products with warranty
  • Lower energy bills
  • More storage or living space
  • Even more protection when used with crawl space dehumidification


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Crawl Space Vapor Barrier Installations in North Carolina
Crawl Space Vapor Barrier Installations in North Carolina
Crawl Space Vapor Barrier Installations in North Carolina
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