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Crawl Space Ventilation in North Carolina

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The air in your house is circulated from the ground up, starting in the basement. The last thing you'd ever want is for outside air to enter your home, because this means you would be breathing in dirty air from your crawl space, full of dirt and mold particles. Incidentally, this is what could be contributing to allergy symptoms and other health problems.

Due to antiquated building codes, in most homes, the crawl spaces have been vented. Now days, we know that having a vented crawl space can cause more problems than not. In fact, it's now necessary to seal any vents or areas that can allow outside air to enter. Sealing the vents will keep insects and extremely hot and cold temperatures out, while also keeping moisture levels to a minimum. This is why we have vent covers that are mechanically attached to form an airtight seal.

Why Have Vented Crawl Spaces?

When it comes to the construction of a home, workers have always preferred crawl spaces because they are faster and less expensive to build than a full basement foundation. Making this kind of crawl space makes use of openings or air vents in the crawl space walls, so that outside air can circulate under your living space, keeping it cool.

If there's any insulation installed in this kind of crawl space, you may see it as fiberglass batts which are placed between the crawl space joists. The floor will be made of either soil or concrete.

The issue with this kind of crawl space is that it's impractical and causes warm, humid air to enter during summer. As this happens, the air condenses on the cooler surface of the crawl space. The formation of moisture, in turn, encourages mold to grow and wood to rot.

If there's wet wood, you can be sure that termites and carpenter ants aren't that far behind either. They desire to chew up wood, causing more problems for your home. The fiberglass insulation can easily absorb moisture and can sag or fall out of place before finally settling on the crawl space floor.

In winter, the floors can become too cold because of the wet and displaced insulation, and this means much higher heating bills.

An additional problem that doesn't involve the seasons is the rise of indoor air pollution and the respiratory problems that go with it. This is aggravated by the mold spores that enter the living space through the gaps and cracks in the walls.

To make your home safer for your friends and family, we highly recommend getting your crawl space sealed and ventilated.

When You Need Ram Jack North Carolina

When you choose Ram Jack North Carolina, we'll do our best to make sure your basement and crawl space will stay clean, dry and comfortable. We sell only high-quality products that won't fail you when you need them the most. We also offer various services such as foundation repair, and we can also install sump pumps, vapor barriers, commercial structural support, and more. We sell products and services to those in the eastern area of North Carolina, so be sure to call us at 919-289-8535 today. Feel free to visit our contact Ram Jack North Carolina page if you have any other questions or concerns.


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