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Garage Ventilation Systems in Easten North Carolina

The EPA states that the largest source of poor indoor air
quality is an attached garage.


  • Benzene
  • Carbon Monoxide
  • Smoke
  • Paint Fumes
  • Pesticides
  • Gas Fumes
  • Car Exhaust
  • Fertilizer Fumes

Did you know...

74% of homes with carbon monoxide detectors that went off were triggered by pollutants & toxins leaking into the home from the attached garage!

Stop Garage Fumes Form Polluting Your Home!

The E-Z Breath® Garage Ventilation System is a maintenance free unit that protects your
home and family from toxins and poor air quality resulting in a cleaner, healthier living environment.

Gas Fumes Benzene Airborne Toxins Garage Appliances Carbon Monoxide Allergens
Cars/Trucks Cars/Trucks Pesticides Gas Heaters Cars/ Trucks Dust Mites
Motorcycles Gasoline Paint/Thinners Propane Motorcycles Airborne Bacteria
Lawnmowers Plastics Turpentine Heaters Power Tools Pet Dander
Gas Edger’s Rubber Weed Killers Hot Water Heaters Appliances Mold Spores
Chain Saws Dyes Fertilizers/Herbicides Washer/Dryer   Pollen
Snow Blowers Paints Radon Gas      
Hand Power Tools   Arsenic      
    Hydrofluoric Acid      
Is Your Attached Garage Making Your Home Sick?

Is Your Attached Garage Making Your Home Sick?

The EPA states that largest source of poor indoor air quality is an attached Garage. Car exhaust, toxic chemicals and VOC’s are present in almost all garages and they can find their way to the house very easily through open doors, gaps, ducts and other wall/ceiling openings.

Poor air quality is a direct link to respiratory and other health-related issues. Improved ventilation can help prevent asthmatic reactions E-Z Breath® will reduce the triggers that aggravate asthma and allergies.


According to research, all of the plastic objects in your vehicle emit Benzene, a Cancer causing toxin. In addition to causing cancer, Benzene poisons your bones, causes Anemia and reduces white blood cells. Prolonged exposure can cause Leukemia and increases the risk of some cancers. It can also cause miscarriages in pregnant women.

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Enjoy a pollutant-free living environment with the E●Z Breathe® Ventilation System

E●Z Breath® Garage Ventilation System Advantages:

system advantages
  • Exhausts Gas fumes, carbon monoxide, paint fumes, pesticides, fertilizers and other harmful pollutants found in the garage that have been proven to make their way into your home.
  • Complies with the EPA “Indoor Air Plus” recommendations for a healthy home
  • Reverses the air flow from garage to the home
  • Whisper quite operation
  • Only $2-$4 per month to operate
  • Maintains security of your garage and home

How it works

E-Z Breath® works by air exchange. Simply stated, it exhausts the stale air as well as the contaminants and moisture that come with it. E-Z Breath® achieves air exchange by drawing air throughout the garage replace the toxic air being exhausted.

E-Z Breath® is a ventilation system. E-Z Breath® creates an exchange of stale air for fresh air, thereby creating a healthy atmosphere.

The Ideal Garage Ventilation System Does The Following:

  • Removes harmful contaminants
  • Controls moisture
  • Heats/ Cools to a comfortable level for occupants
  • Brings in fresh air

WHY E●Z Breath®: The Efficient Choice For A Healthy Home

  • Maintenance free and easy to operate with no filters to change or buckets of water to empty
  • Energy Efficient: Costs less than $2-$4 per month to operate
  • Large capacity: One E-Z Breath® unit does work comparable to seven dehumidifiers
  • Versatile : E-Z Breath® is used in full basements, slabs or crawl spaces

The E-Z Breath® systems is a maintenance free unit that helps protect your home and family from excess moisture, molds, toxins, allergies and poor air quality resulting in a cleaner, healthier living environment. It provides powerful ventilation, supporting EPA’s recommendations to use a ventilated system to reduce indoor air pollution.

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