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Basic Dehumidification Tips for Properties in North Carolina

Basic Dehumidification Tips for Homes in North Carolina


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Preventing moisture accumulation in your basement and crawl space is crucial. If you allow these areas to stay damp, their surroundings will be infested with mold and water-loving insects in no time. The best thing you can do to reduce the levels of moisture and stale vapor is to dehumidify your basement. This helps you prevent the growth of dangerous pathogens while preserving the structural integrity of your home or workplace.

Properly Seal All Air Leaks

Checking for air leaks is the simplest method to determine if your moisture problem is coming from cold air. Most of the time, the leaks are located in your basement’s walls, ceiling and floors. Once you’ve found the leaks, you need to seal them off immediately. You can use canned polyurethane foam to cover up larger holes, while caulk is much preferred for smaller gaps. Silicone is also a good sealant for leaks that are located in nonporous surfaces like metals. It’s also good to have high-temperature caulk on hand to patch any leaks that are in your furnaces or vent pipes. If you want to work with a neater material, acrylic latex caulk is also available in most hardware stores.

Have Your Ventilation and Ductwork Systems Professionally Maintained

Air leaks can also be found in your basement’s ventilation and ductwork systems. However, leaks found in these systems can’t be repaired by DIY methods. Contact the professionals if you want to have your ventilation and ductwork checked. The experts know exactly what to look for in damaged ventilation and ductwork. They also have the right equipment to apply repairs no matter how complex the problems are. To keep your vents and ductwork in top shape, make sure to have them checked at least once a year.

Basement Dehumidifier and Sump Pump

Dehumidifiers and sump pumps are two systems that can get rid of water and dampness fast. A dehumidifier reduces the air’s water vapor levels, making it drier and safer for your building’s interior. On the other hand, a sump pump keeps the area dry by drawing liquid water out of your property. If you have plumbing leaks or if you’ve recently experienced a flood, this device is your best friend.

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