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Professional Dry Rot Removal in Eastern North Carolina

Professional Dry Rot Removal in Eastern North Carolina


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Aside from mold infestation, dry rot can also affect properties that retain high moisture levels. Dry rot is caused by a fungus that slowly breaks down wood fibers. Wooden structures affected by dry rot look aged and brittle and lose their stiffness and strength. If you do not address this problem immediately, your property’s wooden surfaces could break and collapse – causing a major home disaster. When you notice that your property’s wooden structures are showing signs of decay due to moisture, contact Ram Jack USA Waterproofing so that we can deal with your dry rot problem the right way.

Have Your Dry Rot Problem Professionally Removed

Dry rot is a type of moisture damage that can’t be treated with DIY methods. The damage caused by dry rot looks the same as that caused by termites and carpenter ants. Because of this, inexperienced workers typically use ineffective dry rot treatment and removal methods. There are two types of dry rot: white rot and brown rot. White rot has a white or yellowish discoloration, a spongy texture, and a stringy appearance. It only targets woods that are in the hardwood category. Brown rot makes wood feel powdery and dry and turns it dark brown. Unlike white rot, brown rot infests woods that are in the softwood category.

We at Ram Jack USA Waterproofing have the skill, experience, and equipment necessary to remove dry rot from your property and prevent it from spreading further. We’ve been dealing with all kinds of moisture damage since 1968, so we know how to differentiate dry rot from other types of damage. If you need our expertise to solve the wood rot problem in your Eastern North Carolina property, give us a call at 919-289-8535 and get a free estimate.  

Dry Rot Prevention

To protect your wooden structures from dry rot, you need to reduce excess moisture in your property. There are several ways to do this, such as:

  • Repairing water leaks
  • Basement insulation and crawl space encapsulation
  • Creating an efficient drainage and gutter system
  • Installing a dehumidifier and sump pump in the basement

For more professional dry rot removal and moisture control services, Ram Jack USA Waterproofing offers basement waterproofing, crawl space and foundation crack repairs, and garage ventilation systems.

For help with moisture control and mold prevention, contact us today!

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