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Getting Rid of Dust Mites in Eastern North Carolina

Getting Rid of Dust Mites in Eastern North Carolina


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Dust mites are hardy creatures that are about a quarter of a millimeter in size. They often thrive in your carpets, bedding and clothing, and they multiply easily whenever the atmosphere is humid. Once their numbers increase, your property’s environment suffers. This is because, like most allergens, dust mites are known to cause the following health symptoms:

  • Runny nose
  • Clogged lungs
  • Runny nose
  • Breathing problems

Dust mites are also a common trigger for asthma, so people who are asthmatic or have allergies find it hard to live in a space riddled with these creatures.

You might think that cleaning your property regularly can get rid of dust mites. However, normal cleaning techniques can actually promote the spreading of these organisms. Whenever you vacuum or even step on your carpets, dust mites float in the air and have a chance to settle on nearby surfaces. In this case, you need to call the experts for help to stop the dust mites from multiplying.  

If you’re looking to get rid of dust mites professionally, contact Ram Jack USA Waterproofing today. We are equipped with the necessary tools that will remove the creatures from your property efficiently and quickly.

Ram Jack USA Waterproofing Is Ready to Help

Excess moisture is one of the main reasons why you may be having a hard time eradicating dust mites. Moisture creates the perfect habitat for dust mites to thrive in, so by eliminating the source of moisture the mites are eliminated as well. Ram Jack USA Waterproofing has several methods to address your moisture problem and these include:

All of Ram Jack USA Waterproofing’s procedures follow tried-and-tested methods to ensure that you receive the best results possible. Our technicians are fully licensed and experienced to deal with your moisture problems. If you’re interested in hiring our services, contact us at 919-289-8535 and get a free estimate. Our services are available to properties in Eastern North Carolina.

For help with moisture control and mold prevention, contact us today!

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